Note: When Metroids talk, it will be in bold, due to their telepathy.

Ch.1: Birth Edit

Deep within the fiery confines of planet SR388, several Metroids were swarming around their Queen, expectant. The Queen, named Venisha, shuddered for a second, before she leaned forward and coughed. A small green orb fell out of her mouth, glowing with the new life within. The Metroids drew closer, eager to meet the new member of the family. Venisha stared, the picture of expectation. A bizarre picture maybe, but you get my point. The egg broke open, and the Metroid infant emerged into life. He was startled by the new world around him. He sensed hundreds of his kind around him, and felt strangely peaceful. The Queen’s eight eyes shined with joy. She looked at a Alpha Metroid, and he left, understanding completely. He quickly came back, carrying a live Horntoad in his claws. The newborn, obeying instinct, lunged at lightning speed, draining the Horntoad quickly. His Hunger gone, he floated over to Venisha, landing on her head. Metroids can’t talk, of course, but he somehow thought to her: “Mom?” She nodded, making him fall off. “That’s right, you’re my new son. From now on I will call you… Shikyo.” The newly christened Shikyo was confused. Venisha laughed. “Don’t worry, little one, everything will make sense soon.”

Ch.2: Teaching

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