The Beetom Experiment, once again the Space Pirates wanted to exploit a new colony of planet SR355 and needed a creature they could spread out over the landscape. The solution were Beetoms, which are very curious creatures resembling crickets. Very much like Metroids, they will latch onto your body and not let go until they are destroyed. Beetom's legs allow them to jump great distances, which also helps propel themselves to latch onto their prey. When devouring, a Beetom's singular eye will change from green to red. One Beetom isn't much of a threat, but when encountering several at once, extreme caution is advised. But heeding the warnings of these menaces escaped and soon the entire world was crawling with Beetoms. Not before long an infestation broke out with the Beetoms, and some of them started to grow and mutate into new creatures called Betomoids a more dangerous and aggressive form of Beetoms. This was caused by a leakage of a mutagen that caused rapid growth of limbs and then wing. Outnumbered and surrounded the Space Pirates were butchered and then a distress signal was sent. Months later a Space Pirate Ship arrived on SR355 and found an ecosystem has been created by the mutagens and dangerous creatures evolved into predators. Then a Space Pirate soldier came out of the hatch of the ship and proceeded to make his way to the now decayed and derelict ship. As he was walking around the outside of the ship he saw a member of his own people laying down in a pool of blood. He checked the pulse and then realized he was dead long before they gotten there.

Consequences of MiscommunicationEdit

Then the Captain of the ship asked what has happened on this colony and then the Space Pirate soldier answered "Metroids!" and then another search team member handed over the the canister of mutagen that was found near the dead crew members and it read: "WARNING: METROID DNA TESTING ONLY DO NOT BREAK THE CANISTER" and then the Captain said "We have to get out of here soon as possible!" Then the pilot started up the engines and then everything went silent. The engine stopped and went dead now the Captain of the ship was furious with a possibility of staying here until the engines are fixed. As his crew prepared for the worst a loud screeching sound came from behind them and then they turned to see a Metroid hybrid that had features of a Beetom. It wasn't before long that a member of the crew was eaten by the Betomoid.

The Captain looked at it with fear and that's when the recording stopped on the ship.

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