The Influencer Wrack sat in it's tiny office contemplating many things. One of the advisor Wracks rapped on the hatch. "Come in". With that, the advisor Wrack appeared in the cramped quarters with a large file. The influencer Wrack took the file. "Be gone". The Advisor left. The past solar cycles had been extremely rough on all of the influencer Wracks, but this one in particular. The situation was this: it had been discovered by the bounty hunter Samus Aran that some members of the Galactic Federation were propagating bio-weapons on a small research station. These members of the Galactic Federation were human. Disgraceful as it was to the GF, it was even more so to Humans in general. In fact, because of this, a coalition had been formed requesting the extinction of the human race! The problem at hand was whether or not to join the coalition or to become one of the few races that still openly defends Humans. This case was vexing. There were so many complications. If The Wrack Empire joined the coalition, they would be expected to speak on it's behalf to the Terrans, making them a prime target for the human's rage. If they joined the Humans, they would surely be assaulted by a dozen different races. If the Influencer Wrack made a strong case, and it turned out to be the right one, it would be the next Grand govern Wrack. It looked through the file and found what it sought. The very reason The Wrack Empire left the Federation so long ago, because of Humans ambition. Even back then The Wrack Empire knew that Terrans would overstep their boundaries, who knew that it would only take 6783 000 solar cycles! The Influencer didn't hate Humans as other Wracks did. It found that Humans were a fresh new race that a lot of information could be gleaned off of by studying. Certainly the extermination of ALL humans wasn't necessary. None the less, The Wrack had a decision to make. It would win it's case, it was the best of it's time. But it didn't know which side to choose.

Examining the file again, the Wrack came to a decision, the Terrans would have to find another race to protect them. The Wrack's would join the coalition with the Space Pirates, the Kriken Empire, and other, less powerful, races. The Wrack imagined an appropriate Human analogy for this. A spear, it thought, a spear. With the Space pirates as the spearhead, the Kriken Empire as the arm and other races as the stick, where did that leave The Wracks? As the mouth, it thought. The mouth, emitting a toxin-curdling (or in a Human's case, blood-curdling) scream. Warning the prey to get out of the way before it was killed. A clever analogy, thought the Wrack, one he would use in his case, one the Grand Govern would certainly relish.

Next Chapter: A Day of Reckoning

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