The Adapter Suit is a standard suit used by bounty hunters across the galaxy. It is notable for being able to adapt to almost any technology.

Developmental HistoryEdit

The adapter suit is based off of Samus Aran's Powersuit. After her "Zero Mission," the Galactic Federation took a sudden interest in Samus' Powersuit, and immediately began to attempt to reverse engineer it. Although the majority of its system remained a mystery, the Galactic Federation was able to decipher enough of the suit's coding to figure out what gave it such adaptability. They immediately produced a prototype Adapter Suit. This prototype was given to a highly trained bounty hunter. However, the bounty hunter stole the prototype, and proceeded to copy the technology and sell it to other hunters. The GF immediately made owning any of the suits illegal; however, it was an impossible law to uphold, as no two adapter suits were alike. A few months later, the GF repealed the law and made owning any type of adapter suit legal.


The suit itself is based around an extremely simple program. However, this program is like a suit's DNA; if it is changed, something about the suit changes as well. Many hunters are known to write their own programs based around what type of operations they specialize in.

Famous Users of Adapter Suit TechnologyEdit

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