Adus Lesk
Adus Lesk MS Sprite
Lesk as he appears in Monster Space, Dangerous Wilds, and Long Story
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Space Hunters
Health 100 per energy tank
Level Rookie Marine (former)
Rookie Space Hunter
Status Alive
Location Tozect (former)


Early LifeEdit

Galactic FederationEdit

Adus started his carrier as a Space Marine aboard the Anhur-Class GFS Telephus. During a routine patrol, his vessel intercepted a garbled, untranslatable signal set on repeat. The location of origin is traced to the nearby Zessa System. Fearing it to be either a distress beacon from a ship lost in the area with an encrypted signal to prevent Pirate access to its message, or that it is instead a purposefully-faked signal set out by Space Pirates as a sinister trap to good Samaritans, the captain decided to set course for the system and check it out.

Once in the system, they travel to the location of the signal — Tozect's moon, Tozera. Finally landed, 3 crewmembers — Xeno Agent Orola and Privates First Class Lesk and Wrengl — were ordered to perform reconnaissance in the outlying regions while the other 19 crew members proceed to set up a base of operations. Now on his own, it wasn't long before Lesk discovered a critically wounded bounty hunter, who just as suddenly as unexpectedly conveyed his armor to the surprised marine. Upon a return to his base camp, he discovered a tragedy: all members left at the Telephus appeared to have been slaughtered. Having little time to grieve his fellow comrades, Lesk set out to discover what had happened, leading him to almost come into direct contact with Samus Aran herself and introduces to him two new threats to the galaxy: The Toryds and the Necrusk.

Space HunterEdit


Adus Lesk is a Caucasian Human male, and is typical of his species. However, the suit bestowed upon him by a former Space Hunter was of another species and consists of nanobots. This makes him a sort of hybridized cyborg.



How to: DefeatEdit

The easiest way to defeat Lesk would be to disrupt the electronic nanobots making up his armor. Without access to these he is just a simple Human being.




  • Metroid Trials
  • Battle Royale
  • Monster Space
  • Amalgam Online
  • Dangerous Wilds
  • Long Story
  • Growth

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