The Graduate suit and the Training suit

The ACL is run by Asheyon and is where Valkyrie grew up. They produce clone soldiers

Clone ScedulesEdit

7:00 wake up and breakfast

8:00 hand to hand combat training

9:30 ranged weapon combat training

11:00 Power controlling

12:30 Lunch

1:30 anatomy on species

3:00 Flight training

4:30 Promotion awards

5:30 free time

7:00 dinner

8:00 study

9:00 sleep


Once a group of clones have done extremely well in all areas, they then graduate into black suits. There is one problem: The black suits erases all emotions in the clone's system, making it a perfect killer. Soon afterwards, they put them in Shadow suits, which are fitted to fight around Light Aether, Dark Aether and the universe.

Shadow Suits

The Shadow Suit. Visor and chest lights are red though.

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