Finding Admiral DaneEdit

The scientists were nice enough to give me my ship...afterall, they didn't want to end up like the head scientist. I easily found Dane. When I reached him, we had an interesting conversation.


"Leax? I thought you were dead..."

"Yeah right. I know this was your plan."

"What are you talking about?"

Darn. He was genuinely confused. That means this wasn't a plan to test the X-DNA injection process which means...oh no, I just killed my savior.

The PropositionEdit

"Dane...I want to know if there is anyhting I can do for you."

"Actually, there is. This mission may be your most dangerous. It is also the oddest. After the Norion debacle about a month ago..."

Wow. I had been out for a month. I let Dane continue.

"...the Space Pirates made a demand. They didn't want to keep the planet, or even destroy us. They wanted the Hunter. Samus. When they found out we too wanted Samus dead, we made a reluctant Treaty; both sides would hunt down Samus while not threatening each other. Thus, both us and the Space Pirates are on the same side. However, Samus has the support of the Ki-hunters. Since they haven't done much fighting, they have very high numbers, all of whom are extremely trained. Thus, I want you to join my new unit. The Bringers of Order through Action unit, otherwise known as BOA. Only the most skilled of hunters are allowed in. Welcome. Your code name shall be Anaconda. The Anaconda is a snake from Earth known for its unexpected attacks. We believed it would suit you. Our group has already accomadated our ship to fit your ship. Thank you for joining...we desperately need your help. Oh, speaking of our group, our ship is in orbit right now. Dock with us and I'll give you more information from the ship, and introduce you to the other members."

Next ChapterEdit