Glar began to tell us what he heard.

"I managed to impersonate a scientist, one of the higher ranking ones, in fact, and gained access to the computer. Apparently, they have been experimenting with "synthzon." Basically, synthzon is Synthetic Phazon."

"Oh my-" I got cut off.

"Wait, that's not all. In almost every aspect, it is the same as Phazon. It is highly radioactive, and prolonged exposure can be and usually is fatal. However, it causes little to no mental degradation. Basically, they could build an army of those with full mental capacity. Unfortunately, that was not the only lab working with it. There are several others. I've already informed Dane, and we're heading toward what is currently the largest lab we know of. However, there are probably many labs we don't know of. Until all traces of Synthzon are destroyed, we cannot rest. That is all."

All of us began to walk away. Except for me. I decided to sit down and let all of it sink in. Then, just as Dane walked out of the room, Glar said, "Leax, I have more to tell you and only you. I think you are the only one who will remain stable after hearing this."

"What?" I replied.

"The Kihunters didn't originally make the synthzon."

"Then who did?"

"Us...," Glar replied, "that is, the Galactic Federation. I think there is something much deeper going on here. Just watch your back around Dane. Apparently, he is one of the GF leaders who knows of synthzon.

I couldn't believe what I had just heard. The GF had created a synthetic form of Phazon. And my leader had known but not told us...

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