The first couple of days hiding out were incredibly intense. Ki hunter forces patrolled the area in search of any GF troopers who were left behind. Due to Glar's injury, fighting back wasn't an option. And thus, we had to hide. After three tense days of hiding under the snow living off the few rations we had left, the patrols finally came to an end. I decided to go out and assess the situation.

What I saw wasn't pretty. The bodies of GF Troopers were scattered across the snow fields, many dismembered beyond recognizance. Several of the bodies were also covered in a blue liquid, which I assumed was synthzon. AS I explored a little more, I heard a scream. I ran back to Glar's position, only to see him being carried away. I did my best to keep up with his captors, but eventually they went through a giant set of doors which slammed shut as soon as they went through them. That's when I realized that this was the Ki Hunter main lab.

I knew I had only one choice: infiltrate the lab.

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