After searching around the front of the lab a little bit, I managed to find a waste disposal vent I could fit through. After getting through the winding vent, I managed to reach the waste disposal room. Littered across the room were several experiments that had gone wrong; among them was a three headed Sheegoth, a Ki Hunter who was so heavily irradiated it was glowing blue, and several shriekbat carcasses. I crawled out of the rotting god knows what else that was in there, and to the Waste Disposal Control Room.

In this room, I was spotted by a somewhat surprised Ki Hunter. I managed to kill the guard who I had (ironically) caught off guard. I looked around the room and managed to found a holomap of the lab. On the map I saw my ultimate target: the Synthzon Experimentation Labs. There existed a total of three labs; Lab Wyvren, and Lab Cerberus, and Lab Chimera.

The closest lab was Lab Wyvren, so I decided to go there first. As I walked through the Exit for the Waste Disposal Control Room, I noticed several Synthzon Pipelines. I could only think of how we, the Galactic Federation, had developed this stuff first...

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