Surprisingly, the base wasn't well defended. It had several dark corridors that were easy to sneak through and few if any guards in most spots. Eventually, I got to the entrance of Lab Wyvren. Inside, I could here the screams. They were speaking English. Then it dawned on me: these screams were coming from captured GF troopers. I entered the lab, killed the surprised scientists, then took a look around the lab. There were limbs lying on the floor and several troopers strapped in to cruel looking machines. I freed them and gave them some weapons I had taken from the guards. A short conversation then ensued with who I assumed to be the sargeant.

"We've been kept prisoners for days," he said. "We were captured during the battle, and several of us were used for cruel experiments. The lucky ones...well, other than those of us who you just freed, the lucky ones died. The others...well, they were sent to Lab Chimera for further experimentation."

"Can you hold down the lab?" I asked.

"Yes," he said. "The KiHunters are good at fighting on an open battlefield, but not in closed spaces like this base."

I began to walk away when he started talking again.

"Hey, from what I've heard there's a traitor among the GF-SP Alliance. They say he's on leave at this base. Be careful. In addition, there is a control center at the center of this base. Destroy that and this base will collapse on its on."

I thanked him then went on my way.

Next ChapterEdit

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