According to my map, the next closest lab was Lab Cerberus. Thus, I decided to go to that lab. This lab was slightly better defended, but I still got through it pretty easily. Then, I got into the actual lab. Inside, were several tanks with mutated creatures in them. As I looked around, I suddenly heard and alarm go off. Just as this went off, the doors sealed shut. Then, a large reinforced door began to open. Inside I could hear heavy breathing and terrifying growls.

Then, a three headed Sheegoth walked out. And in this case, three heads meant three times the danger. In addition to being able to do a rapid volley of shots, it was three times as many sets of teeth to avoid. However, I kept my cool and attacked it like I would a normal Sheegoth. After shooting the mouths of one of the heads enough, that head went limp. The other two then began to chomp wildly at me as the creature charged around the room. I once again just concentrated and shot one of the heads in the mouth several times. This head also went limp. The last head thrashed around in desperation. I took this head out liek the other too, and the creature fell to the ground, let out a dying breath, and then went completely lifeless.

The doors then unlocked. I guess the guards who had both triggered that alarm and witnessed the fight figured that attacking me would be pointless.

Next ChapterEdit

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