After wandering around for a little while, I finally came to lab Chimera. Out of the labs, this one was the most heavily defended. Regardless, I managed to kill all of the guards, then shoot a Synthzon pipeline to open the reinforced doors. When I walked inside the lab, I learned what had happened to the survivors of the horrific experiments. Inside of stasis tanks were horrible human-KiHunter-god-knows-what-else hybrids, all of whom appeared to be infused with Synthzon. After a couple of moments of looking around the lab, I heard the shattering of glass and the bending of steel. I rushed towards the noise, and saw one of the experiments breaking out of its tank. It appeared to have the torso and legs of a human, arms and head of a KiHunter, and an icy back like that of a Sheegoth. At first, I didn't know what to do. However, I calmed myself down, and began to shoot at the thing. At first, my shots seemed to have no effect. However, I noticed a sudden mutation in the creature; out of its torso burst the what appeared to be a Metroid attached to several tendrils which in turn were attached to the monstrosities organs. I immediately open fired on this growth, and the creature reeled in pain. This Metroid growth then lunged at me, but I managed to dodge it. I kept firing on it, and eventually the creature stopped attacking me. It reeled backwards in pain, destroyed a drain cover, then escaped through the base's sewer system.

As I began to attempt to find Glar in this lab, I heard a familiar voice.

"I must admit, I underestimated you. But I'm through with that. You're mission ends here."

I turned around to attempt to fire at the source of the voice, but before I could do anything I was hit by a shot. I felt numb, then everything faded to black...

Next ChapterEdit

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