A-gent BAgent B PART 1.

Metroid phineas and ferb style. if youre a fan of metroid and phineas and ferb youll love this(THE JINGLE IS WRITTEN WIERD SO YOU KNOW HOW TO PRONOUNCE IT).

Samus is going on a mission to investigate an attack on chairman Keaton and leaves her pet Ponchi the rabillis home(look him up on normal wikitroid) and the second she leaves ponchi stands up puts on a fedora(one of those brown hats with a black stripe) and takes a tube to his under ground lair. Turns out hes a member of the agency now a part of the G.F. since before samus found him and using reviving techniques they kept major monogram and karl alive(for some reason karls still a teen) monogram says:Good morning agent b, we have recieved word that ridley is buying 32541093000.02 gallons of water as well as 20 HUUUGE buckets and is taking his ship toward planet aquatuad-lantisian... well you know the fish men world. Find out what he wants and lay down the law, remember agent b samus is investigating an attack on the chairman nearby and it is crucial to the agencys security that your cover as a mindless domestic pet is unharmed so be careful. Ponchi gets on a personel fighter ship and flies of as music plays. Dooby Dooby Dooba, Dooby Dooby Dooba A-GENT B!

After a while the fighter gets close to a huge ship marked R.E.INC. as a jingle plays: RIE-DELYS EVIL IN-CORPARATEEEED! Agent B part 2



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