A-gent B

A-gent B

(This article is about the agent, for the story see Agent B)

Agent B is the code name of ponchi the rabillis, samus pet that she has had since ridley attacked K2-l. He is a member of The Agency or O.W.C.A(Thats right the one from Phineas and Ferb) a federation organization of special elite agents who are all animals who go on super confidential missions only high Gf authorites know about.

Ponchi has been an agent since before samus found him and is asigned to Ridley, which causes trouble since samus often battles Ridley and Ponchis job requires Samus to Believe he is just a mindless rabillis.

Daily Life Edit

Like most other agents from O.W.C.A Ponchi lives in a civilian hideout with the cover of mindless animal which not even their owners(e.g. Samus) is allowed to discover, should this happen the agent must be relocated and the owner sworn to secrecy to prevent discovery and attack by enemys like space pirates or Sylux.

Every time trouble arises with the agents asigned enemy he or she is called by their division leader to go stop them and keep the public safe.

Ponchis asigned enemy is Ridley who often traps him before telling him his ridiculous plan after which Ponchi will escape, shatter Ridleys scheme and escape while Ridley yells curse you Ponchi the rabillis.

After a long days work agent B then heads home for some well earned rest and feeding by Samus who thinks hes been lying around all day making his odd chatering noise.

Quotes Edit

He's just a rabillis-Samus refering to Ponchi.

Grrrrrrrrrrrr-Ponchis chatter

Curse you Ponchi the rabillis-Ridley yelling after his plan was shatterd.