Ponchi entered the ship with a drill on the nose of his fighter, once in, an auto repair system fixed the hole in the wall preventing the room from depresurizing, as ponchi left his fighter an energy barier activated around him as a familiar laugh was heard... it was Ridley naturally and he was acompanied by general weavel and a phazon elite,(Doofenshmirtz voice) ah Ponchi the rabillis right on time, allow me to inroduce general weavel our prized bounty hunter and korrvoz the first of my new Phazon elite enhancement program, you see i was trying to produce troops that could be incredibly powerful AND intelligent so we would be unnstopable in our attack on aquala...aqulio... well you know the fish man world, that way they would be to distracted to stop my oncoming final blow, you see ponchi the rabillis they have a homeworld rich in valenzium a substance which is all I need to produce PHAZONATITE X, a chemical simalar to the mutagen we call phazon but much more stable and controllable making our experiment succes rate increase by 32%. As Ridley explained a wall parted revealing a huge glass room filled with water conected to a cannon on the side of the ship. This is the place i am keeping the water in I call it the Tall Aquatic Normal Keeper(T.A.N.K) I call it normal because i have a whole line of Ridleys Evil Inc T.A.N.Ks being made as we, er I speak you see my final strike will be simple...

Agent B part 3


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