Soon Ponchi the rabillis my strike will comence as soon as the troops land I will prepare the water canon and FIRE! drowning all the fishmen on the planet and allowing my troops to escape unharmed whith their special portable scuba suits and jetpacks... Ponchi rolls his eyes and Ridley yells DONT ROLL YOUR EYES AT ME ITS MY BEST PLAN YET!! All while weavel spins his finger next to his head.

Ridley says:Well im not going through any more details its time to get started.

As they left the romm to activate the cannon ponchi casually stepped out of the energy sheild and looked at it with a pondering face when all of a sudden an enrgy grenade with a blue and green case landed by him, Boom, ponchi barely dodged the blast when a sinister voice was heard...

To bad Ridley didnt take my advice on watching which way his one way energy barier traps are placed but Im still here to keep you in.

As this happened a sihlouhette emerged from the shadows, the pirates had hired a bouny hunter to end ponchi, as the shape began to glow blue and green it was clear that this was the one and only Sylux...

Agent B part 4


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