Sylux threw another grenade at Ponchi who quickly grabbed it and threw it back sylux grinned in admiration while dodging the attack once he rolled out of the way he fired the shock coil, as the grenade went off the coils grapling beam latched on to agent b's hat ripping it off his head, ponchi raised an eyebrow when he landed as Sylux fired a new weapon the shock missle a missle that electrically stuns opponents leaving them vulnerable to the shock coil, ponchi ran and pulled out an energy disk and threw it at the missle launching it back at sylux who was blown back in the blast and parylyzed ponchi cuffed him in seconds and removed his weapons and then called for backup once the call went through he typed a message to major monogram requesting a police vessel to come pick up sylux but not to send reinforcments because more than 1 agent will draw to much attention and he didnt want any egnts or marines to be lost in the battle plus he had a plan to stop ridleys invasion.

Sylux watched Ponchi leave the room silently and bravley like a western movie hero and said quietly "thats quite an admirable agent".

He had a new found respect for Ponchi but hated the G.F. none the less and watched ponchi turn a corridor...

Agent B part 5

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