Ponchi raced down the hallway where the cannons were preparing to fire, he knew Ridleys plan couldent drown any fishmen but it probobly would cause major tsunamis and floods in areas of the planet that should be dry so he has to stop him anyway.

As ponchi aproached the bridge he could hear Ridley speaking to the pirates: Alright the water pressures just right, now boys LETS DROWN SOME FISH!!! AHHAHEHEHAHAHE!!!!

Space pirate: When will he learn?

The other pirated just lifted his shouleders looking bored.

The first pirate: ah well at least we get to see the cool waves.


SQUILSH! The sound of a really big squirt gun sped through space when all of a sudden it turned to vapor as a red blast made all the water evaporate and Ridley watch in astonishment and yell:OKAY WHAT WENT WRONG!!

as he yelled ponchi flew into view aboard his O.W.C.A. fighter, Ridley realized that he had lined his ship directly in the waters path and fired a plasma beam staight through the water causing it to instantly evaporate.

Ridley: that explains him.

Everyone turns to spot a burned to a crisp pirate on the wall. Ridley: THIS AINT OVER!

He takes an oxygen pellet and flies out an airlock to engage Agent B...

Part 6 comming soon

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