Armstrong Houston
Armstrong Houston image
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Species Human
Homeworld Unknown
Gender Male
Gunship Armstrong Houston's ship
Hair Red (Bald in Metroid: Avenger)
Eyes Brown
Affiliation Freelance bounty hunter, Samus Aran

Armstrong Houston was a character in the Super Metroid Nintendo Power comics and the Blood of the Chozo online story, in which he was referred to as "Houston Barrimonde." Strangely, he was the only character from the NP comics to not appear in the 2002 manga.


Houston is a freelance bounty hunter who cares nothing for galactic peace and only wants to collect bounties. He is desperate to be Samus Aran's partner and may be romantically attracted to her. He does however cheer her on and warn her of threats. He has a suit colored similar to Samus' but it is blue and lacks the ability to recharge energy. It was destroyed by The Exterminator.


In Metroid: Avenger, Houston is, along with Chairman Keaton, Chief Hardy, Damara and Pyonchi, kidnapped by The Exterminator's forces. The Exterminator locks Houston in his own office, before exposing him to burning chemicals causing him to suffer permanent hair and beard loss. He is then sent to the Jukul work camps and rescued by Samus Aran and her friends when they invade Z-SF761.

Houston also appears in Metroid: The Hunter Chronicles, alongside bounty hunters Conan Guille and Samus Aran. Where all three are commissioned/hired by the Galactic Federation to pursue the rogue Space Pirate Commander, Xi'ga E'shan.




  • Houston is slightly similar to the main antagonist in the Superman universe, Lex Luthor. Like Houston, Luthor had red hair, and became bald due to a chemical fire.

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