Sylux's Species
Elysia, surviving with oxygen equipment
???~Before the events of Metroid
Unnamed Wealthy Nobles
Height & Weight
7'11", 96 kg
The Vision
Main Weapons
Plasma cannon, Twin Plasma Blades, laser visor
Himself, his brethren.

Asheyon is the leader of the Aether Cloning Laboratories, archenemy of Valkyrie and Kodi and the Galactic Federation.


He was born and raised on Elysia, learning how to survive in any enrironment. When he was 20, he travelled the universe trying to find Samus Aran and Ridley, stealing DNA from them. He then started to clone the combined DNA and turn it into super soldies in his Cloning Laboratories inside an Aether Sinkhole. He then learned of 1894's escape and is now trying to find and extinguish her with the Shadow Suited clones.

Powers and PersonalityEdit

Although he can't morph, he is extrmemly strong and is moderately fast. His weapons are hish powered, but have a slow recharge time. He wears the same suit design as Sylux, but he had it repainted and  added more weapons into it. He is aggressive, sly and greedy and will only care about his species and himself. He is very evil and he wants to conquer the universe.

Asheyon in suit



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