Austin Weller
Vital statistics
Title Tactics expert
Gender Male
Race Human turned Cyborg
Faction Humanity
Health Immortal
Location Last seen on Outpost X-19

Austin Weller is a cyborg. He is hundreds of years old, but because of his implants he is immortal. The mechanical implants make him an organic supercomputer, however they also make him experience time differently. His body is affected at the same rate as other Humans are, but his consciousness lags. 2 minutes for every regular Terran is 1 minute for him. To counter this problem, he has devised a neural tap that brings him up to speed and allows him to think at the speed of a regular person, but is painful in the long run.


Born in the earth year 2134, Austin was a member of the Galactic Federation Army. While patrolling a Sector 52 Austin encountered a lone Space Pirate fighter that was heavily damaged. Austin powered up weapons systems and proceeded to attack the small craft. However, when the beams hit the fighter, it exploded and released an electrical shock wave. Austin's ship went offline and he crashed into the local planet in Sector 52, Moormey. There, Fractal beings known only as "Wise ones" took Austin to one of their stations. They deemed Austin flawed and began work on his body. When Austin awoke he discovered many cybernetic enhancements attached to his body. The Wise ones taught Austin how to use these enhancements. Eventually, Austin was skilled enough to repair many things, including his damaged starship. But the Wise ones did not want him to leave, they did everything in their power to keep him on Moormey. Austin broke free eventually and reported back to Galactic Federation H.Q only to find that he had been MIA for 30 years. Ever since, Austin has given up being a pilot and instead chose to be a tactics officer.


Austin's involvement with the Galactic Federation came about when his mother died. Austin's mother was his last tie to Earth, The Golden Terra. From then on, Austin sought something more lasting, something that would take up his whole life, so he joined the Galactic Federation Army.


"I don't believe you know the pain of immortality".

"The odds show victory".

"There is a statistical certainty that one of us will die".

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