Image caption
Vital statistics
Title Bounty hunter
Gender Male
Race Kriken
Faction Kriken empire
Health 150
Level 3
Status Alive
Location Kriken Homeworld

Axis is a Kriken bounty hunter, infamous for his lack of mercy, and cold efficiency.

His primary weapon is a modified version of the Imperialist, he is also equipped with a shoulder mounted missile launcher, and grenades.


Axis is unique, he was born with a black exoskeleton instead of a red one, this stronger exoskeleton earned him a reputation as a child as a freak. When he was cast out on his rite of passage, Axis took several tools to upgrade his weapon systems. most of his weapons are unique in design, and he has problems dealing with other hunters. Among his inventions are his Modified imperialist, Havoc missiles, Whirl missiles, and Freeze grenades.


Axis is encountered on Promis, Atis, and Kroniz. He will fight the player no matter who they have chosen, he is a hidden boss who will grant you one of his inventions upon beating him. Once you have beaten him on all three planets, he will become playable


Axis: (note: have a full stock of missiles for this fight) Axis will use the rocky terrain to his advantage, he begins the battle by immediately transforming in the the Triskekion, he will become invisible and will crawl to the top of the room, to see him the player must use the Thermal Visor. He will periodically attempt to jump the player and use his lunge attack, when he does this, attack with a missile. When three missiles have struck him, he falls to the ground and transforms out of the Triskelion. He will use his cloaking and attempt to snipe you with his Imperialist, use the thermal visor to see him, and then nail him with missiles. Upon 10 missiles hitting him, his Imperialist will malfunction, and he will fight you himself. He will keep his distance and attack with his Missiles and Grenades. Upon shooting him with 10 more missiles he will attempt to kill you with a Havoc missile, dodge it and then hit him with one more missile, he will be beaten.


Axis has no quotes at this time


Axis is from an unfinished, Unnamed Fanfiction.

The three planets that he is encountered on are named after the Titans: Prometheus, Atlas, and Kronos from Greek mythology

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