The Kureshima family are composed of two brothers, Mitsuzane and Takatora Kureshima. In Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations, they were first introduced in the Gaim Tribute chapter of the crossover where they first met Samus Aran in the planet of Helheim, whom they mistook for an invader from the future. Later, the brothers took Samus in and became their surrogate sister. Mitsuzane is the second person to learn of Samus' Chozo heritage.

As the first two party members joining with Samus, Mitsuzane and Takatora are representatives for Kamen Rider Gaim.


The "呉" kanji refers to a Chinese dialect called "Wu", Wu is often subjectively judged to be soft, light, and flowing, while "島" kanji in "Kureshima" somewhat translates into "island". Hence, the transliteration of the name Kureshima may mean "flowing island". Much like Samus's name, which means "she who supplants an island.", and to an extent the flowing ability channeled on her Power Suit.

Fittingly enough in Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations, Samus being adopted by Takatora and Mitsuzane into their household associates to her new life in the present day Earth, thus being a part of the Kureshima family herself.

The name Mitsuzane translates into "the real light", while Takatora may mean "the noble tiger". Although, Mitsuzane's nickname "Micchy" is a pun to the Japanese word "michi", which translates to "road".


  • The way Samus is being adopted by the Kureshima brothers is a callback to Kamen Rider Black RX, where Kotaro taken in by the Sahara Family.
  • Samus's relationships towards Takatora and Mitsuzane are similar to some of the key characters that appear in the Metroid series media.
    • For Takatora, her interaction towards him is a callback of her relationship with Commander Adam Malkovich. Despite unaware of this, Takatora himself takes note of this chemistry with Samus in a similar way he cared for Mitsuzane. The older Kureshima seemingly reciprocates to her feelings to a moderate extent.
    • For Mitsuzane, her interaction towards him is visually similar to Joey Apronika from the Samus and Joey comics, and a combination of both Mai Takatsukasa and Mitsuzane himself, albeit the other way around.

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