Ch.2: TeachingEdit

Venisha only has kids every few years, so she always took the time to teach her newborns about life, Food, puberty, etc. A few weeks later, she was explaining where Alpha Metroids came from. “So you see, after you eat plenty of food, your membrane will change into a cocoon and you’ll hibernate. When you come out, you’ll be reborn.” Shikyo shrieked. “You mean you’ll have to teach me everything again?” Venisha sighed, exasperated that he’d already forgotten what a metaphor was. She just taught him that yesterday. Still, he excelled at hunting, even by Metroid standards. Most wouldn’t dare attack a Arachnus, which could easily slice though most Metroids. Shikyo killed one in mere moments, skillfully dodging it’s claws and fire. After explaining metaphors again, she added, “There’s something important I need to attend to. I’ll be back in a minute, so don’t blow anything up.” Shikyo whined of course, shouting, “I told you that was a accident!...that kept happening…”


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