Ch.3: ForeshadowingEdit

Venisha walked to her private chamber. She knocked over a rock, revealing a strange device. It glowed for a second, and a hologram appeared above it, showing a old bird-like creature. The Chozo stood, holding himself up with a large staff. The Queen bowed. “You called for me, Father?” The Chozo chuckled. “How many times have I told you, Venisha? Call me Grey Voice.” Venisha shrugged. “If you wish. But credit must be given where it’s due. You created my race, after all.” Grey Voice’s eyes lit up. “You had another child, didn’t you?” Venisha nodded. “Yes. I named him Shikyo. He has a good hunting instinct, but he doesn’t learn as well as the others. Do you know his future?” The Chozo thought for a moment. “His name means ‘death’ in Japanese, doesn’t it? Fitting… I knew I shouldn’t have taught you so much…” Venisha laughed at this, but silenced herself when she saw him concentrating. He opened his eyes with a gasp. Grey Voice stared at Venisha in shock. “That Metroid has a uncertain future. It can’t be truly read. I haven’t meet anyone with such a destiny, not since Samus. You should watch this one carefully. What I did sense is that he will meet the Space Pirates in battle.” Venisha hissed in anger. “What?! I will devour those spineless rats before they so much as glance at my children! I will tear them to shreds!” Grey Voice banged his staff on the ground, ending her rant. “Enough, Venisha. Anger won’t get us anywhere. Now, I suggest you inform Shikyo of his coming battle, to prepare him. That day is coming soon, so we Chozo will join you.” Venisha gasped. “But, my children don’t know of the Chozo. They’d kill you!” Grey Voice laughed. “You honestly think we would create something that could kill us? Metroids can’t attack us, our life force is repellant to them. Good luck, my daughter. I look forward to our reunion.” With that, the hologram disappeared, and Venisha was alone again.

Ch.4: Meetings

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