Pirate Commander Verdoc stared at the planet below him. None knew how the Metroids could possibly have developed here, where the ground shifted contantly and lava flowed. He couldn’t care less. The fact was, the Metroids were here. A trooper ran in. “Sir, I- gaah!” Verdoc grabbed him by his neck, stating, “Didn’t I tell you fools not to bother me? Well?! What do you want?” He dropped the trooper. “Well, sir, all troopers have been equipped with Ice Beams, as you requested.” Verdoc nodded. “Good. Tell half the fleet to stay here. I don’t want the Federation to interrupt us.” The trooper left and silence reined. At least, in the Command Room; Verdoc’s mind howled with revenge. A thousand imagined deaths flared though his mind, all that of Samus and her Metroid lackey. “Soon, Aran. With the Metroids on my side, your death is certain.”


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