The Combustion Beam is a beam specifically designed for Conan Guille's suit. This beam fires a huge amount of superheated plasma that is compacted together by a thin, easily broken magnetic field. It fires very much like the Plasma Beam used by Samus (Metroid Prime version), but instead of a straight, steady shot, it is slightly weighed down by the huge amounts of plasma material, and after being fired, it will gradually drop resulting in a the need to aim slightly above a target when shooting long distances. Upon impact, the magnetic field is broken, and instead of a simple "hit", the shot explodes violently releasing the large amounts of fiery, superheated plasma that were once compacted together, similar to the explosion of a Molotov Cocktail but on a slightly larger scale. A good example of the shots gradual drop would be the Fuel Rod Gun used in Halo 3. If charged however, the beam shot and explosion will triple in size, and due to the fact that the amount of plasma has also increased, the shot will become so heavy that it will become a sort of "lobbing" weapon.

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