dark ridley
Dark ridley image1
dark ridley
Vital statistics
Title king of all phazon
Gender male
Race space ridley
Faction space pirate
Health controlling phazon
Level one million
Status alive
Location new zebes

= warning spoilers Edit

when omega ridley was defeated by samus he was heavily wounded and taken by a space pirate shutle where dispite in mortal parrel he watched the battle between samus and dark samus. Thinking dark samus would win easily in the when phaaze blew up. ridley not prepared for this got caught in the explosion. later he regenerated but because of dark samus genes he wasnt normal ridley but fused with the dark suit he than went to zebes but by now zebes was destroyed by samus so he found some pirate genes among the debris cloned them one of witch was his brother kraid threating to corrupt the kraid joined imediantly but one of the pirates refused ridley corrupted him bending him to his will ridley then remade zebes but made it doubled in size moving norfair to the bottom he the clone and army and remade mother brain to be his third in command under kraid and him and told her to control new zebes while him and kraid where bounty hunting to find samus right now his location is currently unknown


ridley was possibly born by phazon. this is a known fact cause he eats it for breakfast. Samus has to fight him alot but not in Echoe, best Prime game ever. he sucks and thats why Samus kills him. He has been rumored to be 50000000000 years old. wowsers.


Apparently, Ridley has a girlfriend, Ridella, who is a female space pirate who is known to be dating Ridley currently. Very strange but what the heck.


as of now no possible way to defeat him run abiltiys can corropt with his lazer built in sword stab phazon breath can abzorb any attack weapon armor etc into his armor



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