Diffusion Suit
Diffusion Suit image
The diffusion suit on Samus Aran
Vital statistics
Type Suit
Effects Walk on water, speed slightly enhanced in water,
Source Unknown
Cost to buy Cannot buy
Cost to sell Cannot Sell

The diffusion suit is a special suit that allows the wearer to walk on water, and move slightly in water. Made by the Chozo, this suit easily blends with most hunters' suits, unlike a lot of their other items.


The Chozo, after seeing their success with Samus' suit upgrades, saw an oppurtunity to distribute a variety of suits across the galaxies. Many hunters could not get it because they could not find them, but saw people who had the suit walk on the oceans, run normally underwater, and much more they couldn't do previously. Many people tryed reverse-engineering this item, but could not due to the farly advanced coding used in the programming.


  • The only ones who could successfully reverse engineer the suit died from too much knowledge shortly afterward, and the suit blew up.
  • The Chozo also created hundreds of other devices for use with other hunters' suits and other technology.
  • Have YOU ever wanted one? Go to DESNOLAR today!

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