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Front view of the E0N-IX
Vital statistics
Title N/A
Gender N/A
Race Starship
Faction Owned, built and piloted by Logan
Health  ???
Level  ???
Status Functional
Location Anywhere

The E0N-IX is a Hunter Class star ship built and piloted by Logan. It is one of the many ships Logan used as his previous ships were destroyed by GF forces or by rival bounty hunters. This one is unique in its own way.


The E0N-IX was built by Logan, after his previous ships were destroyed by enemy forces and/or the GF. It is armed with 2 Missile Launchers, two mini-laser turrets and a giant Plasma Cannon on the bottom of the ship, that is used only during a giant fight against another enemy star ship.

The front of it has a V-shaped visor, similar to Samus Aran's star ships, the ship name, E0N on the left, IX on the right side of the head. The wings are similar to Samus's ship in Metroid Fusion but with two spikes, which are antennas, and has a silver color to it, with a green symbol under the hull of the ship.

The ship itself, acts as of transportation for Logan, as well as a mobile headquarters. It is has a barracks in the back of the ship, a living area, kitchen, and an armory. However despite it size, it can only fit two people, but Logan mostly travels alone.

The ship also has a GF-issued shield system to protect it from direct head on attacks and is strong against smaller starship fire, but can be damaged easily by ships it size or by anything that is shot from below as the underbelly of the ship is more weak than the other parts of the ship, but Logan has no problem as he is an ace pilot and is able to dodge most attacks easily.

Besides the Metroids, the ship is Logan's pride and joy and easily gets upset if anything or anyone touches it or destroys it.





  • The E0N-IX is named after the Eon Pokemon from the Pokemon series, Latios and Latias. The silver color and the green symbol is referenced after RPD490's original character, under the same name Logan, who in the Pokemon rps, can shift into a silver Latios with a green crest on his chest. The numeral IX is referencing Final Fantasy IX since he rp'd in the FFIX world, even using a airship called the E0N.

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