Planet Eliefa
Eliefa in Avenger
Vital statistics
Type Forest World
Location Deep in Federation Space, nearby Jigrad
Inhabitants Various species of Plantae and Mammals.

Eliefa is a planet often visited in the Metroid Avenger Saga (see Metroid: Avenger and Metroid Avenger 2: Revenger). It is filled with lush forests and rock formations rich with a valuable substance called Gueranium, used in the production of Universal Ammo.


Discovered in 206 E.T.E., Eliefa is a fairly known planet. After Humans started Extra-Terrestrial Exploration, Eliefa was a fairly easy target to find. Located several parsecs away from Earth, it was discovered by one of the Galactic Federation founders.

In 223 E.T.E., Gueranium was discovered on this otherwise useless planet. It has now become a crucial part of Federation Space.

In 232 E.T.E., a mine was attacked by some unknown creature, codenamed Terror, which killed nearly every one of personel. The only known survivor was Specialist Roy Dane, who's uncle is the famous Fleet Admiral Castor Dane, known for the Assault of the Pirate Homeworld.

Later the same year, the planet became sick with Phazon Poisoning, and was thought to harbor several criminals wanted by the highest officials of the Federation.

At the present date and time, Eliefa is being purged of the infection. However, where trees once grew, there is now barren plains, swallowed up by the blue fungi.



Gueranium Mine Alpha Centauri: Abandoned mine ever since it was assaulted by Terror


Millions of Galactic Federation Marines

Nature Getaways



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Gueranium, essential for the creation of Universal Ammo.

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