Elite Armnour is the Armour worn by the Elite GF Marines in Typhus Squad, most notably Ron Green (see Metroid: Avenger, under Characters). It is much like Sylux's suit, but red, with many armaments. It has the most advanced version of a GF Marine Arm Cannon available, the Shock Rifle, which can be upgraded to have any combination of GF Beam Weapons, which is so far limited to Shock Coil and Regular shots. When both are combined, the rifle will fire rapid, energized balls of lightning that shock anything it touches. All have been equipped with Varia and Hazard Shield data, with Gravity suit capabilities to insure maximum follow-through on mission; no Space Pirate will get away again! Able to download data, it rivals the Fusion Suit in adaptability; unless the suit is destroyed, the GF probably will not dub it obselete, as any new weapons available that could succeed it can be easily implemented into the suit. It has a slot for a PED and can have a Missle launcher connected to the Arm Cannon (or the back when not in use.) Given the ability to transform into the latest Lockjaw, the Mandible, this suit allows for exploration of any area. Also available are Energy Grenades, Fusion Cutters, Energy Mines, Energy Bombs, Time Bombs, C4 Class Energy Bombs, and anything available to the Fusion Suit via Data Modules, if the user can steal it. The suit is so strong, that even with all of this equipment, the wearer can still be as agile as without it, tenfold. It is the most advanced armour ever created by the GF.

Plans to make this suit better are currently in developement, but probably won't go into use anytime soon. If this does happen, the Elite Armour will be standardized for all GF Marines, and the old GF Marine Armour will go to regular troops.

On their latest mission, Typhus Squad was not allowed to use any of the weapons the suit offered but the Shock Rifle, as this was a test run. This may have led up to why this one mission failed; it was the suit's maiden voyage.

Additional illegal upgrades include:

Information has been sensored on these objects, so as to never be sought after.

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