Eon Jones (Shadow Samus) was a dark "clone" of Samus, similar to Dark Samus. He started out as a human of a planet far from Earth, millions of years ago. One day, in his twenties, he found a liquid on his planet that gave him eternal life (that is, he can be killed, but he can't die of sickness, poison, or age), and used this to his advantage to see how things would be in the next millions of years. One day, he enlisted in the Dark Army when promised a chance to "get out of the boring life". He was stronger than they thought, but he decided to hide that. Eventually, the Dark Army attacked a city, and tried to corrupt the citizens. As Eon was fighting, he encountered the girl he fell in love with before joining the Dark Army. He found her dying, bleeding, coughing. She looked at him, and he removed his Dark Army helmet. She saw his face, then died. Eon tried to get her revived by a doctor, but he charged him too much, so Eon retracted his blades from his wrists, and beheaded him.
Years later, Eon, angry at the Dark Army for killing his fiance, stormed into the leader's room. The Leader, Rozen (credit for the DA and Rozen belong to a good friend, ACDCGAMER of youtube) asked him what was wrong. Eon quickly drew his gun and shot Rozen. He ran, destroyed several machines creating Phazon-enhanced clones, and freed the prisoners. He realized how evil the Dark Army really was, and as he ran with the freed prisoners, he had them steal a ship. Before he could make it, he was turned into a Metroid, and stuffed into a small ship. The ship launched the escape pods, including Eon's, and he was sent towards a sun. He began to freak out, and, as he panicked, he created an explosion of Phazon from his own body, and the ship was knocked off course before it could pierce the sun's atmosphere. The escape pod crashed onto a nearby planet, where Rozen had put Phazon on millenia ago. Eon quickly mutated, getting 3 eyes, and started absorbing Phazon. Years later, Samus Aran landed on the planet to eliminate the Phazon. Eon, who was now dependent on Phazon, attacked Samus. She was about to shoot him, but he warned her through telekinesis that he wasn't always like this. She lowered her gun, and he quickly latched onto her head. Even though he was a Metroid, he still kept his male DNA, so even when he took her DNA, his male DNA, which was more common in his body, masked over Samus's. He mutated quickly, taking on a human-like form, resembling Dark Samus, but different.

NOTE: This is under construction. This is not all of the content. Please be patient.

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