Extreme Suit
Featured in:
Kamen Rider which the suit is themed after:
Kamen Rider W (Double) CycloneJokerXtreme
Grants access to the Prism Bicker; the Bicker Shield is placed on the right hand where Samus' Arm Cannon is usually seen.
Obtained via
Xtreme Memory
Finishing attacks
Double Xtreme, Prism Break, Bicker Finallusion
Power source
Gaia Memory (Xtreme Memory)

 The Extreme Suit is a Rider Suit upgrade for Samus Aran 's Power Suit. As the name implies, it is themed after Kamen Rider Double's final form, CycloneJokerXtreme.


The Extreme Suit essentially takes form of the Fusion Suit with Kamen Rider Double's color scheme, the right half is green, while the left is black, at the center has a silver color; hence Double's form, the shoulder pads take form that of CycloneJokerXtreme's version. The suit's visor is colored red.

An apparent side effect of this Rider Suit is channeling the represented Rider's personality, Samus will flick her left wrist in a similar way how Shotaro Hidari does, and would say "Now, count up your sins!" at her foe to strike fear on them.


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