Ferris Wren is a criminal Samus Aran apprehended in her early days in the Federation and the main antagonist of Metroid Avenger 3: Vengeance.

Metroid Avenger 3: VengeanceEdit

Samus and Roy Dane are seen searching Zebes for new places to explore, and they find Wren, supposedly a homeless man, shivering and asking for seguru. The two of them give him food and other nourishments instead. He then comes out of the shadows holding their daughter, Diana Dane, by the neck. He is polished up and wearing an armorsuit, and he reveals that he had been hiding out on the resurrected Zebes between the events of Metroid: Avenger and Metroid Avenger 2: Revenger, slowly building a facility and several other items, with captured specimens from the Bottle Ships and mechanisms he built. Samus and Roy rampage the facility to save their daughter.

Wren subjects Diana to much torture, such as using Metroid DNA from her, as well as samples of Space Pirate DNA and an unknown, extinct alien species to create the ultimate warriors of the future: Hunters. He creates a Mad AI that he uses to taunt Samus and Roy in various forms and also corrupts captured Luminoth with Darkling DNA, whom Samus is forced to kill. Samus and Roy eventually track Wren and Diana to the reactor core of the station, where the Mad AI taunts them a final time before an angered Samus destroys it. Wren manages to kill her and Roy by stabbing them from the shadows, and crush their android double Mecha Samus in a hydraulic press. Although Samus manages to save Roy by leeching all of her energy into him, he commits suicide by stabbing himself again, and Diana manages to break out of her containment.

Wren, seemingly killed by the explosion, quickly recovers and chases Diana through the facility. Although she is weakened, she finds strength and resolve and excessively forces herself to escape the facility after setting off the reactor core's meltdown. She leeches energy from the bioforms to help her recover as she traps Wren behind a hatch and escapes the destruction.


When Wren is first seen in the story, he is depicted as a homeless man with messy black hair, a thick beard and dark brown eyes. He is barefoot and wrapped up in a fire blanket. When he has Diana in captivity he is bald, his beard is a goatee and he wears a dark green armorsuit not unlike Weavel's.


  • Wren's look was inspired by a man appearing in Ke$ha's video for Blah Blah Blah, who interests Ke$ha until she accidentally takes his toupee off, and she later shoves it in his mouth.
  • Ferris Wren's name was etymologized from two film characters: Ferris from the film Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and Wren from the last name of a character in Alien Resurrection, creating another similarity between Metroid and Alien.
  • Speaking of that unknown alien species, and the above trivia point... *wink*

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