Final Destruction is the fifteenth chapter of Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations. Here, Tsukasa Kadoya travels to Samus Aran's timeline to instigate a massacre on the entire Galactic Federation. This chapter is a double tribute to Kamen Rider Decade and Metroid II: Return of Samus.

Synopsis Edit

Decade, Destroyer of Worlds. What do those eyes see as he travels to the future?

With Samus now safe from being hunted down by Decade, Tsukasa has plans on his own. He travels to the future, to make sure everything Samus had in her time will be nothing but a faded memory.

Full story Edit

to be added

Featured characters Edit

Cameo Edit

Decade's Rider Transformations Edit

  • Kamen Rider Wizard (part 2)
  • Kamen Rider Kabuto (part 2-3)
  • Kamen Rider Faiz (part 3)
  • Kamen Rider Hibiki (part 3)
  • Kamen Rider Black (part 3)
  • Complete Form (part 3)
    • Kiva Emperor
    • Agito Shining
    • Faiz Blaster
    • Ryuki Survive

Diend's Rider Summons Edit

  • Riotroopers
  • Kamen Rider Drake
  • Kamen Rider Delta
  • Kamen Rider J
  • Kamen Rider Amazon
  • Kamen Rider Agito
    • Agito Tornador (Final Form Ride used by Decade)


Deaths Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Tsukasa's mission in this chapter is similar to the Decade portion of the Movie War 2010 where he accepted his destiny as "Destroyer of Worlds", to the point he destroys all Kamen Riders on his own. Here, Tsukasa destroys the entire Federation with assistance of Kaito, and then Higgs.
  • Tsukasa's disguise is based on Commander Adam Malkovich.
  • Despite a Federation operative, Higgs is spared by Tsukasa.
  • It is implied that the unnamed Federation official from Metroid Fusion is among the casualties of the onslaught by Decade, Diend, and Necrom.
  • Decade changing into Kamen Rider Faiz while fighting the Federation is very fitting - Kamen Rider 555 aired in 2003, and in the Metroid universe timeline, the Galactic Federation is formed in the same year in the Cosmic Calendar.
  • Aside from Kamen Rider Wizard and Black, Decade's Kamen Ride transformations in this chapter are the same ones he used in the first episode of his series.
  • Samus and Mitsuzane appeared only at the beginning of the chapter in a dialogue. This is the first chapter that does not center Samus, but instead a Kamen Rider.

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