The G.F.S. Nostromo is mentioned in Galactic Federation Lore in Metroid: Avenger. It was said to have been a work ship that was destroyed many years prior to the events of the game, and that its remains were brought to Daiban for scrap metal.

However, breathrough research has revealed he the Nostromo was naver truly brought to Daiban. The vessel went missing shortly after an unknown accident. The final transmissions of Captain Talkko describe some sort of instrument power surges with navigational, directional, and velocital class objects -

"On the 67th day of the Nostromo's latest flight, a strange, unexplainable power surge pulsed throughout the ship. It was powerful enough to be seen through the tough, 3 inch thick walls, heading towards the ships main systems. For about 3 hours, these glowing electrical jolts pulsed through the ship like this. They seemed all but harmless; until the ship stopped moving and cycling CO2 into C+O2. Thankfully, we were able to conserve the oxygen long enough for the crisis to nullify. Thus, we have continued transit en route to-"

--excerpt from GFN Captain Talkko, journal MCCLXXVIII(2,278)

Several theorists predict that the life support systems fail, but as we all know, those who venture into the D.S.C., never return from the D.S.C.


Nostromo is the name of a 1904 novel by Joseph Conrad, about a man with that name who worked as a commanding figure in the fictional town of Sulaco.

The Nostromo was also the name of the fictional spaceship that served as the setting of the film Alien, which gave much inspiration to Metroid. It was also a work ship meant to haul millions of tons of ore to Earth, and was destroyed at the end of the film in a self-destruct sequence.

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