The Gamma Beam, fired at long range.

The Gamma Beam is a beam specifically designed for Conan Guille's suit. This massively powerful beam is the most powerful in Conan's arsenal. It fires a seemingly unstoppable, continuous stream of gamma radiation. The amount of radiation released by this weapon is so high, that the beam is actually visible to the naked eye. To view the beam in action, is truly a sight that would not easily be forgotten. The impact of the Gamma Beam is so forceful and powerful that, on few occasions, it will simply blast a hole directly through the target. However, be it that the target is more durable than the former, and considering they are not anchored into the ground, the Gamma Beam has the force to, on impact, literally throw the target against a wall or other obstacle, and not allow them to even flinch due to its massive force (just as the Hyper Beam did to Samus when it was used by Mother Brain in Super Metroid.) and in a matter of only a few seconds completely decimate the target. However, despite this weapons awesome power, it does in fact have a dark side. On Conan's visor and arm cannon, there is a small meter that represents the amount of access gamma rays that his shield can endure. And although his suit was designed with a powerful shield that protects him specifically from gamma and X rays, the Gamma Beam releases so much radiation that it will eventually drain the meter, thus draining the shield. And after the shield is completely drained, it will begin affecting Conan directly, draining one energy tank every second for as long as the beam continues to be fired, making this weapon not only massively powerful, but extremely dangerous. The Gamma Beam has no charge attack, and before firing, it must charge up, much like a Chaingun must begin rotating before it can be fired.

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