Gamma scope image

Three Pirates viewed, using the Gamma Scope.

The Gamma Scope is a prototypical vision enhancement device, created by Conan Guille for use with his suit.


On the verge of illegality, the Gamma Scope was devised from the same principle used in the creation of the Thermal Visor and X-Ray Visor. By emitting a high-frequency stream of gamma particles, (higher so than X-rays, even), the Gamma Scope can produce extremely high-detailed, translucent images of most mid-density forms of matter. Allowing the use of "material foresight", to be employed. Unlike most other forms of gamma spectroscopy, the Gamma Scope does not rely merely on the conjugate reflections of the emitted gamma rays to produce a feasible image. Instead, the Gamma Scope employs the intake of both gamma, and beta decay to produce it's forward image, (beta being produced via gamma-provoked oscillations). Due to the addition of beta intake, a coaxially-blue image is produced, (instead of what would normally be a monotoned, skeletal image), giving the visor a dark-shaded, blue-ish color.


The Gamma Scope can, however, be quite deadly when used incorrectly or without proper precautions. Due to the extremely high amount of gamma radiation emitted, direct, or even peripheral contact with the beam, can cause severe material degeneration, and fatality. Just as well, for the individual using the Gamma Scope, radiation shielding, (preferably phasic), must be used. Not doing so will undoubtedly result in immediate cell degeneration, and immanent fatality.