Vital statistics
Gender male
Faction bounty hunter
Health malfunctioning nevous system
Level Level
Status dying (slowly)
Location ski-4h (planet)

Glitch is in constant pain. He is called Glitch because of his malfunctioning nervous system, which gives him the ability to create glitches in reality (this makes sense.) He uses this to his advantage, but his health weakens him, causing him immense pain when he tries to push himself past his limits. He refuses to go into medical care because he wants to enforce justice and make himself reknown for being a hero, like his hero, Samus Aran. This doesn't make any sense, because constant pain would probably get in the way of justice-getting more than constant pain. Also his last wish just before he dies is to meet her.


He tries to enforce justice but his health limits him. He wants to be like his hero Samus Aran. He feels constant pain. He originates from Ski-h4, a rough planet filled with crime. His mother tried to kill him 4 times, but he escaped and ran away to seek out justice. When he returned after a brutal fight with Redgar (the most likely cause of his injury) his species gone, completely wiped out. While saddened by the incident, he soon meet Spire, who was searching for an answer to his peoples disapperance as well. They become good friends because they shared many simularities, but they now search the stars for the answer to their question: What happened to their people?





Quotes (warning contains strong language)Edit

"Mind over matter." "It's not just strength that counts."

"Justice will always triumph."

"Everyone has a good side."

"I'm warning you. My shit is way tormented."


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