Go Shijima
Go with Shift Dead Heat
"Searching... Eliminating... Both are done at mach speed!" Go lives up to his motto as Kamen Rider Mach.
Species Human
Homeworld Earth
Parents Tenjuro Banno (father)
Sukimo Shijima (mother)
Height 205.5 cm (200.5 cm; Dead Heat Mach)
Weight 96.6 kg (107.1 kg; Dead Heat Mach, 98.7 kg; Chaser Mach)
Main Weapon Zenrin Shooter, Shingou Axe (Chaser Mach), Mach Driver Honoh, Signal Bikes
Alt Form Dead Heat Mach, Chaser Mach
Hair Brown
Affiliation Special Investigation Unit
Voice Actor Yuu Inaba
"Searching... Eliminating... Both are done at mach speed! Kamen Rider... Mach!"
―Go's roll call as Kamen Rider Mach[src]
Go Shijima is Kamen Rider Mach. Go is a freelance photographer who is stationed in America before being sent back to Japan as he joins Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive in the Roidmude crisis. He is the son of Drive's main antagonist, Tenjuro Banno.

Go, as Mach can use Signal Bikes, which are alternatives to Shift Cars that can also bypass Gravity Surges caused by Roidmudes, he can too use Shift Cars as means of powerups.

In Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations, Go plays a pivotal role to Samus' quest in her mission with the Kamen Riders, and also becoming her closest friends and almost considered just as close to the Kureshima brothers.


For the canonical history related to this character, go to Go Shijima at Kamen Rider Wiki.


"Let's Henshin!"
―Go's transformation chant[src]

Very impulsive and outgoing, Go is a person with a flair of stylishness and is quite the jester. In battle, Go is a daredevil by nature, starting off by making a proud and overly-dramatic entrance. Go's recklessness is something that gave Samus a compliment for his abilities most of the time, but becomes annoyed whenever he gets too carried away. Being a photographer, he has a tendency to take pictures on nearby couples either intentionally or not. It is shown that he is also attracted to Samus, and usually takes pictures of her as if she was a runway model. Go would usually tag along with her in her Earth-based missions. Go is one of the three people who is closer to Samus, the others being Takatora and Mitsuzane, considering the latter becoming the bounty hunter's love interest, Go becomes a potential rival to Mitsuzane for Samus's affection.

Go is laid-back, and also talkative, and is usually refered by both Samus and Mitsuzane as the "Kamen Rider with a mouth", to the point he talks nonsense (apart from his roll-call before a fight) even in the middle of a battle. Samus is one of those who can be easily irritated at Go's incessant antics, such as him breaking the fourth wall, blabbering and taunting his opponents during the whole fight; Mitsuzane also believes that Go's lethal weapon is his mouth, he will constantly blabber nonsense during the whole battle until the opponent admits defeat. However, this doesn't stop him from exploiting his enemies' vulnerability points.

Go is a person who is, to an extent, not above into butting heads with others, he is shown to be caring to those close to him, much like his partner-in-crime Shinnosuke. Like Mitsuzane, Go is shows a lot of loyalty to Samus as a friend, the same he would with Takatora, whom he worked to be the former's bodyguard. He usually gives them affectionate names, such as with Samus calling her Sammy in a similar vein with Gandrayda, and referring Takatora as "old man Kureshima". Go is also quick to notice Mitsuzane's personal problems other than Samus and Takatora and does not hesitate to give out advices about them. Go sees Takatora as a father-figure that he always wanted, thus he becomes the older Kureshima's personal bodyguard.

Go is one of the few characters in the story to actually swear and has tendencies to showcase crude and offensive behavior, where his speech manners transitions from being cheeky to a more ungentleman-like, which are peppered with highly vulgar descriptions; especially of human genitalia.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

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Boss battleEdit

Kamen Rider Mach
Kamen Rider Mach's render from Battride War Genesis
Race Human
Gender Male
Attacks Zenrin Shooter (homing bullets, monster bullets), Dead Zone, (Heat) Kick Macher
Weakness Shinespark, Speed Booster. Screw Attack
Location {{{location}}}
Status {{{status}}}
Reward Mach joins the party
Featured in Metroid: Kamen Rider Generations

 During her first encounter with Mach, Chaser, and Drive. Samus was almost overpowered by these three Riders due to their technological advance. Resulting her suit failing to deactivate before the Tridoron in Type Wild rammed her at high speed.

Later in the Den-O Tribute chapter, Samus and Mach fought again in a sparring, starting in a race and then a battle itself. The only attacks that can weaken Mach are the Shinespark and Screw Attack. Interestingly, Mach's Rider Kicks usually starts him somersaulting which is a callback to the Screw Attack.



  • With the entirety of the crossover story having homages to Kamen Rider Black RX, as the Kureshima brothers are the counterpart of the Sahara Family to Kotaro Minami, Go becomes the Joe the Haze counterpart to Samus.
  • Go, alongside his sister Kiriko, share a similar peak human physicality to Samus.
  • Whenever Mach does his Rider Kick, he usually starts somersaulting in a similar fashion to the Screw Attack.
  • His relationship towards Samus as a friend is similar to Gandrayda from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Anthony Higgs from Other M.
  • Go is the second character to call Samus with the name "Sammy" (albeit with the "-chan" honorific), the other being is Gandrayda from Prime 3: Corruption.
  • Go is the second white Kamen Rider to have play a pivotal role to Samus's quests, the first being is Takatora Kureshima.

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