Samus landed her ship in the Research Facility's docking bay, and started off to search for the Federation Trooper 'NZG41'. She proceeded up a lift and then entered the next chamber. Seeing a fleshy mass up above her, she quickly scanned it and found that it was a deceased, unknown bioform. Samus proceeded forward, turning a corner and blasting at several Phazon Grubs coming from vents on the floor, before she jumped onto scaffolding platforms on the walls. As she turned to continue on, she saw the front of the fleshy mass. An open mouth, with no face and no eyes, and coming from its sides were blue translucent tentacles. "Eeek!" she cried, jumping up higher than she thought possible. She passed over the deceased specimen and knew she was soon to land on its decaying fish body. However, she landed on something hard. Something metallic. Looking down, she saw she was on a platform up above the specimen. Sighing in relief, Samus fired a blast at the vines of Phazon protruding from the creature, slicing them in half. She then contemplated shooting and destroying it, but it would only get more grotesque with each hit, not to mention chunks of its body and splashes of blood would fly up at her. The fact that some of the latter was invisible to the naked eye and would not disappear if she tried to clean her suit horrified her even further. Sitting down on her safe little haven, Samus suddenly saw a Missile Expansion beside her. Oh well, she thought. Good things come out of bad things. Loading the expansion into her Arm Cannon, Samus lay down on her platform and fell asleep, hoping that she wouldn't have nightmares of the specimen, whatever it was.

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