Havoc Suit

The Havoc Suit

The Havoc Suit is the suit worn by bounty hunter Conan Guille. This suit is truly a grand one, it was designed to be both intimidating and beautiful. The Havoc Suit was built around the general Luminoth style of armor, fittingly as it was constructed by them. It is coated in a layer of polished silver, which is coated in a thin transparent material so that it will keep its bright glow no matter the amount of damage it receives. The visor is an assortment of numerous, connected ocular lenses affixed strategically across the middle and sides of the suit's helmet piece, producing a collaborated image of the surrounding area, moreso efficient than that of mere straight-set visors. The armor itself, is ribbed throughout all major areas, and reinforced heavily with extremely hard metallic material.

The Havoc Suit was constructed, as stated above, by the Luminoth, along with numerous other "gadgets" later gifted to Conan Guille as a mark of both brotherly status among the people of Aether, and a symbol of his past servitude to them in their times of great need. Passively, the suit is equipped with a built in jet-propulsion system for use in aerial maneuvering, an "internal materiel-molecular transfer circuit", used for the deployment of items from the palm of the suit's glove piece (energy units, power bombs, etc.), and a bladed melee weapon assortment, consisting of a single large blade, positioned on either forearm (attached to the suit armor itself on the left and right forearms), and a single smaller blade positioned on the right forearm, directly behind the larger blade, and faced in the opposing direction, used for back-thrusting opponents at flank position. Another more interesting and unusual feature of the Havoc Suit is the retractability of the Arm Cannon. When needed, Conan has the ability to actually retract his suit's arm cannon onto his forearm; it does this by carefully breaking itself apart into "plates" held down by small melded arms. These plates then reposition themselves atop each other in a sort of jigsaw-like fashion on the suits forearm. This feature allows for the use of an empty hand, as well as the right-handed blade weapon.