Hell Cannon is a scan available to Fusion Suit or Elite Armoursuit users from Metroid: Avenger and Metroid Avenger 2: Revenger. This illegal weapon was the prototype for the GF project "Meltdown" which was supposed to be a recreation of the deadly Plasma Beam used by none other than famed bounty hunter Samus Aran. The project was a complete success. A recreation was created. But the cannon was too powerful to be used by anyone; it would give them a sense of power. With a faster rate of fire than the Plasma Beam, and a non-upgrade-required Flamethrower with longer range, and vertually permanent combustion on any known alloy; this weapon can defeat almost any foe.

The most prominent user of the Hell Cannon was Ron Green, a skilled bounty hunter, who was number two next to Samus before her disappearance during the Massacre of the Homeworld.

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