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Hesperides is a planet on the very border of Galactic Federation-controlled space, once characterized by its complete covering of dense foliage. It was renowned for its abundance of natural resources, including edible vegetation and usable ores, but especially for its naturally-occurring afloraltite derivative.

Unfortunately, these same traits that made it desirable to the Galactic Federation also caught the attention of the Kriken Empire.

In the hands of the FederationEdit

The discovery of planet Hesperides (2004 C.C.) was a great boon to the still-new Galactic Federation. Resources were being spent heavily, establishing trade routes and combating the Space Pirates. The wealth provided by Hesperides was instrumental in providing a solid economic foundation, allowing the Galactic Federation to grow into the astounding political, and military, force that it is today.

Though the planet was only under Federation occupation for a relatively short while, Hesperides also provided a small wealth of scientific data to Federation scientists and researchers. The afloraltite derivative was found to be a direct result of the dense vegetation present, specifically the massive trees dubbed "Drasils".

The roots of the Drasils would entwine themselves around afloraltite crystals deep within the soil of Hesperides and seemingly draw nutrients from them. Over time, the trunks of these massive trees would begin to secrete a sap-like fluid that would then harden into crystals very much resembling afloraltite. When studied more intensively however, it was revealed to have certain key differences; namely, though still high in energy, maybe even higher than regular afloraltite, the "afloraltite-H" was much more stable, making it easier and safer to transport and use.

Galactic Federation scientists studied the afloraltite-H crystals fervently, hoping to be able to recreate these differences in afloraltite from other planets. Unfortunately, the scientists did not have the time they would have needed to uncover the secret of Hesperides' afloraltite...

The Kriken InvasionEdit

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