Vital statistics
Title The Universe's only Metroid bounty hunter
Gender male
Race metroid
Faction Samus
Health Health
Level Level
Status Alive, and hungry
Location wherever Samus is


Hunter is a Zebonzien Alpha Metroid. He was raised by Space Pirates. He was born somehow cabable of telepathy. After being fused with Phazon, he grew 4 extra fangs and 2 phazon tentecles. Decideing he was useless, the Pirates attemped to dicect him. He escaped, stole a ship, and eventally bumped into Samus. After nearly geting killed, Hunter started following Samus around, and became a bounty hunter.


ally,eats people who piss Samus off. Hunts Space Pirates on his spare time.



"To me, your not a bounty. Your just FOOD!!!"


His fangs are really big, so he can eat 6 people at the same time.

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