Hunter Malkovich
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Vital statistics
Title Bounty Hunter
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction To whoever hires him(except Space Pirates)
Health Perfect
Level As good as Samus
Status Alive
Location Above Earth

Hunter Malkovich is a who currently works for the Galactic Federation. He serves with Samus Aran and secretly loves her. He stars in the Metroid Destruction series.


He grew up on the colony J-5Q, a colony that was unfortunately close to a Space Pirate base. Periodically, the Pirates would raid the colony and take what they needed. The Federation was no help in this matter - they were too busy with Samus and Zebes. Finally, the Space Pirates killed his sister, Yamaru, and he snapped. Taking an old cargo ship, he outfitted it with stolen weapons and launched a one-man raid on the Space Pirates, much like Samus. He won, and he decided to become a bounty hunter, killing all Space Pirates when he had the chance.


After three Aurora Units were stolen from the Galactic Federation, Hunter was called to a secret meeting on Earth. He was introduced to Samus Aran, and was told that he was supposed to work with Samus to find the missing Aurora Units. The Space Pirates then attacked Earth, and Hunter and Samus worked together to stall the invasion on Earth. They then used their ships to climb the atmosphere and engage the Space Pirate Fleet. Hunter is currently trying to get to the Space Pirate Homeworld



  • Samus - How's your throwing arm?

Hunter - It's still good, but how far do you want me to throw you?

  • Well, if you say so, Sammy


  • Yamaru looks a lot like Samus, which might be the basis of why Hunter likes Samus so much.
  • J-5Q is on the planet that is close to SR388, named SR277
  • Hunter thinks exactly the same way as Samus. In any situation, Samus and Hunter will think of the same plan at the same time, using the same resources.

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