I Hunted the Hunter... #2Edit

LOG ENTRY #3, DATE: 3 DAYS SINCE LAST LOG ENTRY, TIME: 3:50 AM, LOCATION: FEDERATION SPACE Recent "investigations" have led me into enemy space once again. It started with hearing a rumor that Samus was heading back to Galactic Federation HQ, then after I found somebody there, they told me that Samus hadn't come back yet. So I waited for three days, doing nothing but strangling Marines whenever I see them. Finally, I assumed that Samus wasn't coming back at all. Now I have to find that idiot who told me that lie, so I can kill him. Wait, I see something. Another ship is entering the atmosphere. Just after I found the lier, too. It looks like Samus' ship, but it still looks different somehow. More blackish, but still the same shape. Smoke is streaming out of it. Samus must have been attacked! Darn, and I was supposed to be the one killing her. LOG ENTRY #4, DATE: 2 DAYS AFTER LAST ENTRY, TIME: 00:00, LOCATION: UNKNOWN; LAST RECOGNIZED LOCATION WAS NEAR EDGE OF ALL KNOWN SPACE. Finally, I now realize what had happened to Samus: she got corrupted. Again. She was on a mission to an unnamed planet, to take care of the last Phazon infection. Apparently some Phazon survived the destruction of Phaaze. When she got there, she must have been corrupted from over-exposure to Phazon. At her current state, I can't face her and win. So I'm hiding from all known life in the universe. Maybe Samus will come to me.

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