I Hunted the Hunter... #4Edit


It's time to end this. I saw Samus. She is in a section once known as Phendrana Drifts, destroying anything she sees. Pulling up my Rapid-Fire Acid Machine Gun, I pull the trigger. Samus is fast! She dodges with inhuman speed, pulling up her blue arm cannon. Phazon bolts fly towards me, seemingly slowing because of my advanced sensors. My mechanical suit automatically pulls itself out of the way of the blasts. I raise my Gun once more, this time scoring a hit on her back. This gun has some serious power, because Samus flies into an ice wall, but still survives. That Phazon suit must be made of some tough stuff if it survived that blast.

Enough of this! My rockets should take care of that blue bug. I twitch my hand, activating the thrusters on my jetpack, and I fly into the blue sky. Samus retaliates, with a barrage of Phazon Missiles that hit the cliff face. Now I have to fly through an avalanche before I can get a clear shot! Now I understand why she's the galaxy's best bounty hunter, even with Phazon controlling her. Acid flies from my gun, and my suit spots a hole through the white, crystal-like shards. As I fly through the hole, I see that Samus is gone. A streak of blue glides over the white ground. My rockets recognize Samus and I fire.

At last, an explosion! Samus may be dead now, and if she isn't, then she will be soon.

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